Aurora / The mystic Moose

"Code Red"

The day starts out, very peacefully
go to school, and thats the way things should be
but in our class things are moving strangly
the doors are locked
windows blocked
its a code red

Hear the annocments
getting very scared
the classroom is blocked
trapped in the hot air

It all seem funny, it all seems like a joke
the reaction in the classroom is
it'd be funny if we croked
but the darkness is riseing
the fear is to
the picture of terror
comes on through

The door is barritcated with a desk
my mind and emotions
will not rest
I'm glad to know I'm not alone
but I wish that I could
just go home

Lyrics by Shannon Butler Copyright 2001



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"Man of the Nation"

Distant far off land
ruled by one single man
knows where he must stand
alone with out any kind of helping hand

Heres a place of no temptation
a man alone among creation
time goes by no change in station
a man alone among the nation

Quiet times and quiet nights
and no one is around
on one to share his smiles
help him when he's down
man of the land
lone he will stand
no need for relation
man of the nation

Heres a place of much frustration
a man alone with no creation
time goes by with no relation
a man alone among the nation

Lost lone man, does what he can
but no one is around
empty land and empty heart
so much love to give
Man of the land
lone he cant stand
a need for relation
man of the nation

By Shannon Butler Copyright 2001

"I'll catch you on the flip side"

I listen to music
all day long
I stair at the paper
just writing a song
and if there is nothing
that comes to my head
I guess I will have to write the chorus first instead
(so here it is)

I'll catch you on the flip side
of my very own little song
I'll see you where the music rises
and we can all sing along

Being in a band
with a future unplanned
trying to play our song
the road life is good
and we do what we should
to let the world hear our song


I dream of a day when the whole world will say
please wont you play your song
I dream that the flip sides just as good as the first
and we'll keep flipping all night long

By Shannon Butler Copyright 2001

"Knows the world"

He sits in a room, a room of ticks and tocks
he watches the time on lots of little clocks
not a second goes by, without him keeping time
and we all wonder why
why he doesnt really care
bout the day month of year
he thinks time equals fear

He knows the world, he sees the world
for what it truly is
he knows the world, he sees the world
he's glad that its not his

She watches the sky and nobody knows why
it pulls her right in
and she looks up and grins
does she see something
that could never remain
something we thinks insane
some strange thoughts in her brain

She knows the world, she sees the world
for what it truly is
and what it will be

Little child in the corner of the classroom
reads all the books that no child ever would
he might be a genious, child with a growing brain
does all the things that his parents never could
Oh so small but he sees the world
not to tall be he knows the world
why cant everyone, know the world
see the world like him

Lyrics by Shannon Butler Copyright 2002


The Suns in motion, up around the summer sky
a line foever, pulling in the roaming eye
the one horizon, seen from many points low and high
a soldier alone in the darkness
looks for some kind of light
looks for the Horizon in horror
it appears in the night

Heres the sign of hope
for those who have lost their way
bring hope in the dark of night
or peace in the light of day

A stranger in the shadows
holding a strong passion
find his way back home with time
the goal that lies with in
the way to all true glory
along the horizon

Dont you see the horizon
cant you see the light
there is a horizon
seperating day from night

Lyrics by Shannon Butler Copyright 2002

From the Poet/bassist/lead singer...Shannon B