Aurora / The mystic Moose
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Rick Stearns- Drums, Percussion, song writer, munk!

Shannon Butler- Bass guitar, Vocals, keys, lyric writer, song writer, Black Knight!

Brian M.- Lead guitar, classical guitar, really big amp, King of the Britians!

Instruments and Brands we use

Rick- Tama Drums with Zildjian symbals, all kinds of cool bells

Shannon- Fender Squier Jazz bass, Peavy and Crate mixed amp

Brian- Les Paul Gibson, with a really big Crate amp and pedels

Do you really need to know this stuff? Yes its going to be on the next test! No I mean...its just to take up space really.

Other bands we have Jammed with or still do jam with

Rick- Bigs bands, jazz bands, and I'm sure theres others just dont know their names.

Shannon- (aka the music scene's bitch) Spiral Sircus, My Favorite Band, 4play, Eye Surfer, Which ones Pink

Brian- Dont know the name of the band but it was from Middletown, I think.

Keep going twit!