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Aurora / The mystic Moose
The story of Sir Jams Alot


Sir Jams alot is our way of Honoring The Monty Python's Holy Grail! Now if you can all take out your movies or try to remember the scenes then you'll understand. It all started with a Bass riff by Shannon which is the first part of the song (you'll notice because it is bass driven) with the addition with some cool bass parts by Rick we call this "The King of the Britians". This is followed by "Runaway" its kinda all the scenes where they say runaway!!! Its a fast little part with a guitar solo by Brian. Next comes the Drum solo also know as "The Chant" with those weird little munks that slam the boards over their heads. (Shannon and Brian slam their guitar necks over their heads during Rick's solo). Then onto a blues kinda feel with "Bring out your dead". This is an interesting little blues song that gives you that feeling of well..... bringing out dead people! Next comes the story of "The Black knight" who is played by Shannon. A fast drum beat helps to lead Brian (king of the britains)and Shannon (black knight) into a soloing battle of the axes! Ending up with one dead bassist! A newly added part which has been composed by Rick and Shannon is "Castle Anthrax"..this one was difficult. How do you set the right feeling for a bunch a horny british chicks!!! Well we thought maybe a mid evil kinda feel would be good. And thats what we have so far! More scenes to come!

Search here for more Monty Python stuff...there are lots of killer websites just waiting to bite your knee caps off!

"But you got no arms!!!"


Now keep going you twit!!!

"Yes I have!"