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Band's History and Contact info


This is our short and maybe not so interesting History.
Once..a long long time ago (well more like last year) There where these IBMERS by the names of Rick(drummer)and Matt(old guitarist). To Stange little fellows who just happened to be progressive rock fans. Bands like Rush, Yes, and Dream theater. So they started a band. Their first Bassist had to leave so then they found Shannon (Bassist,lead singer) And formed Aurora. Together they played a few gigs (biggest being the WTC benefit show).But news of Matt leaveing the band changed things so Brian (guitarist) joined the band. (And there was rejoysing yay!)Soon came the originals...they are still coming by the way. And they all lived happly ever after.....the end....or is it?

So what did you think? Crap? Good? Wonderful? Oh yeah I'm going to get into this band!? What the hell where you thinking? Let us know! Email us or IM us!


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And If you have an AOL instant Messenger then you can talk live! The Brand spanking new screen name is Auroraband. So if you have nothing to do and you want to talk to a band member then you can use this (when someone is online) and ask questions! There you have it!