Aurora / The mystic Moose
Songs we play and write!

Songs written by us!!

1) Sir Jams alot- by Shannon, Rick, Brian
I. King of the Britains
II. Runaway
III. The chant (drum solo)
IV. Bring out your dead
V. The Black Knight (battle of the axes)
VI. Castle Anthrax

2) Izard's Tomb- by Rick

3) Code Red- By Shannon, Rick, Brian

4) Chatch you on the flip side- By Shannon and Rick

5) Man of the Nation- By Shannon

6) Knows the world, sees the world- By Shannon

7) Horizon- Shannon, Rick, Brian


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Cover Tunes

1) Freewill- Rush
2) Distant Early Warning- Rush
3) Tom Sawyer- Rush
4) Fly By Night- Rush
5) Closer to the Heart- Rush

More stuff to come shortly! So hold your fire.

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We have a sample for ya! A midi of Man of the Nation and Izard's Tomb!!!! Get it here and listen! Email us and let us know what you think!

Click here to hear Man on the Nation

Click here to listen to Izard's Tomb